FeTS Platform

This is the documentation for the FeTS Platform, developed by CBICA at UPenn, in collaboration with Intel Labs, Intel AI and Intel IOT

Application Setup
Process the Data
Run the Application
ITCR Connectivity

Running the Application

Note the ${fets_root_dir} from Setup.

Table of Contents

Application Path

cd ${download_location}
${fets_root_dir}/bin/FeTS # launches application

Please add the following path to your LD_LIBRARY_PATH when using FeTS: ${fets_root_dir}/lib:

export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=${fets_root_dir}/lib:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH

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${fets_root_dir}/bin/FeTS_CLI -d /path/to/output/DataForFeTS \ # data directory after invoking ${fets_root_dir}/bin/PrepareDataset
  -a deepMedic,nnunet,deepscan \ # all pre-trained models currently available in FeTS see notes below for more details
  -lF STAPLE,ITKVoting,SIMPLE,MajorityVoting \ # todo: select the most appropriate after Ujjwal's analysis
  -g 1 \ # '0': cpu, '1': request gpu
  -t 0 # '0': inference mode, '1': training mode

The aforementioned command will perform the following steps:

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Manual Corrections

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Sanity Check

Before starting final training, please run the following command to ensure the input dataset is as expected:

cd ${fets_root_dir}/bin
./OpenFederatedLearning/venv/bin/python ./SanityCheck.py \
  -inputDir /path/to/output/DataForFeTS \
  -outputFile /path/to/output/sanity_output.csv

Note: If you are running FeTS version 0.0.2 (you can check version using FeTS_CLI --version), please do the following to get the SanityChecker for your installation:

cd ${fets_root_dir}/bin
wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/FETS-AI/Front-End/master/src/applications/SanityCheck.py

Phase-2 Intensity Check

During discussions with some of the collaborating sites, we note negative values randomly coming up in the pre-processed scans. To identify these cases, we have now put together an additional script to assess all pre-processed images for the negative values and provide relevant statistics. This can be run in the following manner:

cd ${fets_root_dir}/bin
wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/FETS-AI/Front-End/master/src/applications/Phase2_IntensityCheck.py
./OpenFederatedLearning/venv/bin/python ./Phase2_IntensityCheck.py \
  -inputDir /path/to/output/DataForFeTS \
  -outputFile /path/to/output/intensity_check.csv

If /path/to/output/intensity_check.csv doesn’t get generated, that means the dataset is completely fine, otherwise, please send the file to admin@fets.ai for debugging.

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Ensure Sanity Checking Is Done

Proceed to training once sanity check (↑) is successfully finished.

Transfer Certificates

If you have a signed certificate from a previous installation, ensure they are copied before trying to train:

cd ${fets_root_dir}/bin/
cp -r ${fets_root_dir_old}/bin/OpenFederatedLearning/bin/federations/pki/client ./OpenFederatedLearning/bin/federations/pki

Start Training

${fets_root_dir}/bin/FeTS_CLI -d /path/to/output/DataForFeTS \ # input data, ensure "final_seg" is present for each subject
  -c ${collaborator_common_name} \ # common collaborator name created during setup
  -g 1 -t 1 # request gpu and enable training mode

The aforementioned command will perform the following steps:

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