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Welcome to the FeTS 2021 Challenge!

The first Computational Competition on Federated Learning.

The FeTS 2021 challenge focuses on federated learning and robustness to distribution shifts between medical institutions for the task of brain tumor segmentation. For those of you who previously participated in the BraTS challenge, it is worth noting that the FeTS Challenge will be different in that:

  1. the MRI dataset are provided together with their source information.
  2. your submission for evaluation requires your code instead of your predicted segmentations, as we would need to run your method in unseen data that reside on collaborating institutions across the globe.

These webpages contain instructions relating to data and participation details for each task, as well as additional information on implementation and requirement specifications for each particular task to help you get started.

Thanks again for your interest in this year’s FeTS Challenge, and we look forward to your participation.

Best wishes,

The FeTS 2021 organizing committee.


Sep 8th: Two exciting keynote speakers confirmed for our MICCAI satellite event :blush: More information here!

Important Dates

All deadlines are for 23:59 Eastern Time

Date Description
21 May Training phase (Release of training data + associated ground truth).
14 Jun Validation phase (Release of validation data. Hidden ground truth).
19 Jul Initial short paper submission on the CMT system using the LNCS template.
26 Jul Submission of prediction algorithm (incl. all required task-specific uploads).
02 Aug Final submission of short paper (both tasks) and parameters of prediction algorithm (task-1; no algorithmic changes permitted).
26 Jul-27 Aug Testing phase (Evaluation by organizers, only for methods with submitted papers).
03 Sep Contacting top-ranked methods (Leaderboard 1) to prepare their oral presentation for MICCAI.
13 Sep Second evaluation phase deadline (Leaderboard 2)
14 Sep-27 Sep Second testing phase (Evaluation by organizers).
29 Sep Contacting top-ranked methods of Leaderboard 2, to prepare their oral presentation for MICCAI.
01 Oct FeTS Challenge at MICCAI: Announcement of top ranked teams.
24 Oct Submission deadline for extended LNCS papers (12-14 pages).
03 Nov Reviewers’ feedback.
10 Nov Camera-ready paper submission.
15 Dec Summarizing meta-analysis manuscript.

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